End of the cooperation with OP/Intrum and Honebel

September 21, 2022

SIMIM and PlayRight have permanently ended their cooperation with OP/Intrum and Honebel.

Until 31/12/2019, OP/Intrum and Honebel were responsible for invoicing the Fair Remuneration on behalf of SIMIM and PlayRight. On 1 January 2020, this task was officially taken over by Unisono.

However, OP/Intrum and Honebel still remained responsible for handling the outstanding cases dating from before 2020. This collaboration was definitively terminated on 30/06/2022.
Did you receive an invoice or inspection on behalf of OP/Intrum or Honebel after this date? If so, it is most likely a forgery or fraud. 

Any doubt? Do not hesitate to contact SIMIM or Playright directly. They will be happy to help you.