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The European Football Championship on a big screen or on TV in your business? Take care of all music rights quickly and easily

June 3, 2021

From 11 June, all eyes will be on our Red Devils during the European Football Championship. Even more than other editions, this European Championship is one that football fans do not just want to see, but want to experience with their friends. 

Are you planning to broadcast matches in your business or on a big screen? Excellent idea! Continue reading to find out how to arrange all the music rights* and enjoy a splendid and much-anticipated football party without a care in the world. 

On a large screen outdoors as an event

Will you be broadcasting matches with background music before, after, or during the matches and broadcasts, and there is no dancing? Then follow these steps in MyUnisono:

  • Select ‘Un événement’ > ‘La Coupe du Monde de Football / L’Euro de Football’
  • Then fill in the form and apply for your licence

Are you not only broadcasting the match, but also organising a party after the match? Then you can take care of all rights in this way: 

  • Choose ‘Un événement’ > ‘Fête/Soirée/Thé Dansant’
  • Fill in the form and apply for your licence

The licence that you will get will also cover the music that is being played during the broadcast (for instance during adverts, in reportages, at the scoring of a goal, etc.).


Within the framework of your catering establishment 

If you already have a licence for the TV set within the framework of your establishment, then you don’t need to do anything else. 

Check quickly and easily via MyUnisono to see if your device is already covered by your current licence. You can do this via the section ‘Mes déclarations’ > ‘Contrats’ > ‘Consulter’. 

If you only have a licence for your audio system, but would like to install a TV inside or outside for up to one month during the European Championships, then you must temporarily extend your licence to include an audio-visual system. In that case, follow these steps in MyUnisono:

  • Select ‘Utilisation quotidienne’ > ‘Etablissement Horeca’ > ‘Système audio ou audiovisuel’ 
  • Answer the short questions and choose ‘Ajout d'un appareil audiovisuel au contrat existant’
  • Fill in the form and apply for your licence

The price of your licence depends on the surface area of your business and the number of days you use your TV. 

Good to know: We take into account the social distancing rules imposed by the government. Therefore, please note the number of available places for your business in the comment at the step ‘Informations complémentaires’. 

During an existing event 

If you are organising a fair, a bazaar, etc. and you already have a licence to play music via an audio system, then you don’t need to do anything else. 

Check which music use is covered by your licence quickly and easily via MyUnisono. You can do this via the section ‘Mes déclarations’ > ‘Evénements > ‘Consulter’.
If you only have a licence for live music (e.g. concert, festival, etc.), then you need to apply for an additional licence for playing music through an audio system. Follow the steps as mentioned in the paragraph ‘On a large screen outdoors’ above. 


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Didn’t find an answer to your question? Contact our staff via the contact form or call: 02 286 82 11. They are ready to help you from 9:30 am to 1 pm every working day.
Keep it safe, but above all enjoy the matches and the friendly atmosphere.  

*Unisono does not charge any royalties for the images of the match or the commentary.