If you want to record music on an audio or video medium, you need a licence from Unisono. This is the case not only when duplicating a CD or DVD, but also when copying to another medium for the purpose of distributing music to third parties.

Via MyUnisono you can immediately arrange your licence online. Or you can find more information about the different types of licences below.

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Reproduction on cd

Are you planning to release a CD with your band by yourself? Or would you like to create a compilation of your favourite songs? Then you need a licence from Unisono.

The reproduction royalties you will have to pay depend on the number of CDs produced, the duration, selling price, etc.

Self-produced audio media tariffs

Still not found a press shop? Here is an overview of the press shops that have an agreement with us.

List of press shops


Using music in an audiovisual production

If you are planning to use music in an audiovisual production, there are two types of rights you have to consider: the synchronisation rights (in order to be able to use a certain piece of music in your film) and the reproduction rights (to be allowed to duplicate the film). All the information necessary to settle the royalties with Unisono can be found here.


Synchronisation rights

First and foremost you have to ask for permission from the publisher of the musical work. These are the ‘synchronisation royalties’ that you have to pay in order to be able to use music in a video. It is ultimately the publisher (and the record producer if you are using an existing recording) who decides whether or not the work (and the recording) may be used and how much it will cost. There is no minimum or maximum royalty for this.

You can also use so-called library or production music. For this you pay a fixed rate per musical work and per fragment of 30 seconds.

List of publishers offering production music


Another possibility is to compose music yourself or to have it composed especially for your production. In this case you reach a direct agreement with a composer.

Finally you can always use royalty-free music that belongs to the public domain (music of which the longest living author/composer has been dead for more than 70 years).

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Reproduction rights

In order to be allowed to duplicate the audiovisual work, you also have to consider the reproduction rights. These can also be settled via MyUnisono.

Permission is granted under the following conditions:

  • If your audiovisual production contains music of which Sabam manages the rights, the royalty percentage is 3.5% of the wholesale price. This is calculated on the basis of the duration of the music in relation to the total duration of the production (film), taking into account a minimum royalty per copy of € 0.11.
  • If Sabam also manages the rights of the director and/or screenwriter, the royalty percentage is 6.10% of the wholesale price, taking into account a minimum royalty per copy of € 0.19.


Music services for professional use

Do you provide background music to catering establishments or shops? Then you need a Unisono licence for reproducing works on an audio or video medium.

For your information: the reproduction royalties that you pay as a provider are completely separate from the performing royalties that an owner pays for playing music in his or her business.


Permanent permission (record companies)

Record companies that regularly release albums can enter into an agreement with Sabam. The advantage of a permanent licence is that you don't have to apply for a separate licence for each album.

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