It is becoming ever easier to share and reproduce large files online. In fact, it is so easy that you can quickly lose sight of the fact that some of these works are protected by copyright, and that you therefore have to meet the same conditions for the use of these works online as if you were organising a party for instance. You therefore need a licence here again.

You can make your application via MyUnisono.

An overview of the various forms of use for online music can be found here.

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Music in an audio or audiovisual production

Do you want to use music in an online video or podcast? Always ask the music publishers and the record company for permission beforehand.

This permission is called the synchronisation right. The publisher and record company decide whether you may use the work and in return for what fee. Have you received permission? Then please apply for your licence for the public use of the work via MyUnisono

More information about synchronisation rights? Click here


Music streaming

Streaming is the term used for listening to music on a website without being able to download the music. This can be the background music to customise your website or the offering of music that the visitor can listen to on demand.

Please note: if you use background music (with a maximum limit of 15 minutes) on a website for professional purposes or on an association’s website, then the Unisono rate for music in companies applies. Furthermore, if you use on your website background music for more than 15 minutes or a video that contains music, you then have to pay the normal rate for streaming.


Music downloads

Your website offers music works that can be downloaded?



You need a licence if you wish to offer ringtones to be downloaded from your website.


Non-exhaustive list of online music services that have entered into an agreement with Sabam

Name music provider Download or streaming? Territory covered by Sabam licence Licence with Sabam since
7 Digital Download Belgium 2007
7 Digital Download Multi-territory 2017
7 Digital Streaming Multi-territory 2016
Amazon Streaming Multi-territory 2018
Beatport Download Belgium 2005
Beatport Download Multi-territory 2017
Deezer Streaming Belgium 2011-2014
Deezer Streaming Multi-territory 2015
eMusic Download Belgium 2012
Facebook Streaming Multi-territory 2018
Google Play Download Multi-territory 2013
Google Play Streaming Multi-territory 2013
Instagram Streaming Multi-territory 2018
iTunes Download Belgium 2007
iTunes Download Multi-territory 2016
iTunes Streaming Belgium 2011
iTunes Streaming Multi-territory 2016
MelodyVR Download Multi-territory 2017
MelodyVR Streaming Multi-territory 2017
Mixcloud Streaming Belgium 2012
Qobuz Download Belgium 2011
Qobuz Download Multi-territory 2016
Qobuz Streaming Belgium 2011
Qobuz Streaming Multi-territory 2016
Recisio Download Multi-territory 2012
Recisio Streaming Multi-territory 2012
Singstore Download Belgium 2007
Soundcloud Streaming Multi-territory 2016
Spotify Streaming Belgium 2011-2018
Spotify Streaming Multi-territory 2019
Tidal Streaming Multi-territory 2012
Twitch Streaming Belgium 2016
YouTube Streaming Belgium 2011-2013
YouTube Streaming Multi-territory 2014

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