Music surrounds us every day and accompanies us wherever we come and go - also in companies.

Studies show that music in the workplace has a positive influence on the well-being of your employees. Do you want to use music in your company, association or public service? For example, do you want your staff to be able to listen to music at work, play music in your company restaurant or canteen, or use music on your telephone lines, background music on your website or music on your premises at a retirement, promotion, birthday or staff party? Then you need a licence from Unisono.

What does this licence entail?

Authors own copyright to their creations, while performing artists and producers own neighbouring rights to the music recording.

The Unisono licence applies to music:

  1. on the work floor and in the dining areas where only your staff comes;
  2. at your staff parties;
  3. on the telephone (e.g. when you put a customer on hold);
  4. on your website.

For the use of music in areas only accessible to staff, new rules for neighbouring rights laid down in three Royal Decrees will apply from 1 January 2018 (Royal Decree December 17 2017 - Royal Decree July 8 2018 - Royal Decree May 17 2019).

All rates that can be found on this website are exclusive of 6% VAT and may be indexed annually.

Why pay for music?

Everyone who contributes to the creation of music (author, composer, artist and producer) is entitled to a compensation when his work is purchased or used. Several studies also point to the added value of music in companies, through productivity increases, the creation of a harmonious working environment and satisfied customers.

Want to apply for a licence?

Apply for your licence now via MyUnisono.

For further information about the general conditions, click here.

Please note that this only concerns areas that can be accessed by staff (e.g. offices, company restaurants, etc.). You have a question concerning the use of music in publicly accessible areas (e.g. bars, shops, etc.)? Click here for more information.

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