If you release a film on DVD or Blu-ray, you must take into account two types of rights: 

  • Synchronisation rights: to be able to use a particular musical work in your film.
  • Reproduction rights: to be able to duplicate your film. 

Below you will find all the information you need to deal with this.

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Synchronisation rights

Do you want to use music in a film, documentary, series or another audiovisual work? Always ask the music publishers and the record company for permission beforehand.

This permission is called the synchronisation right. The publisher and record company decide whether you may use the work and in return for what fee. 

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Reproduction rights

In order to be allowed to duplicate the audiovisual work, you also have to consider the reproduction rights. These can also be settled via MyUnisono.

Permission is granted under the following conditions:

  • If your audiovisual production contains music of which Sabam manages the rights, the royalty percentage is 3.5% of the wholesale price. This is calculated on the basis of the duration of the music in relation to the total duration of the production (film), taking into account a minimum royalty per copy of € 0.11.
  • If Sabam also manages the rights of the director and/or screenwriter, the royalty percentage is 6.10% of the wholesale price, taking into account a minimum royalty per copy of € 0.19.

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